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To facilitate your immigration process, please provide all necessary documents in a timely manner. Whether you’ve received official notices or need to submit standard documentation, this portal is designed to ensure safe and efficient transfer of your documents to us.

Notices from USCIS or Other Immigration Authorities: If you’ve received any official communications or notices, please upload them immediately to allow us to review and advise accordingly.

Required Documents: Depending on your case, different documents might be required, such as Birth Certificates, Passports, Employment Records, or others. If unsure about a document, better to upload it so we can assess its relevance.

Accepted Formats: Ensure that your documents are in .pdf, .doc, or .jpg formats. Please note that each file should not exceed 100MB.

Confidentiality: Rest assured, your documents are treated with the utmost confidentiality and are encrypted both during transmission and when stored.

Please use the form below to securely upload any necessary documents related to your immigration case, ensuring timely processing and review by our team.

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